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The animatronics are robotic characters that roam around. They mainly roam around at night. If they happen to see you, they will probably stuff you into a costume. However, you may pick three nights to wear a Freddy Fazbear Head for. If this occurs, you will not be noticed by the animatronics, even if they do see you: They'll think you're one of them. However, this does not work on Foxy. He requires being flashed by a flashlight, which may be done once per night. You may not bank flashlight uses, if you didn't use your flashlight on Night 3, you still have one use on Night 4.


  • There is a chance that Bonnie might not stuff you into a suit, and ignore you, even if you don't habe your mask on. However, the chances are about 40%, and if this happens, a Town member can speak to him after it turns day, and if a killing occured with Bonnie watching, he will reveal who did it. However, he will not reveal the exact role, so this could be either a Town member or a Mafia. The victim's role isn't revaled either, so it could have been a Mafia killed.
  • If you use your Consigliere role to check the role of these, you get Animatronic as the role. This happens to be a Neutral role, likely because they stuff both Town and Mafia members. (Neutral ones too) The description is this:"Roams around, stuffing anyone else into costumes at night. However, with a Freddy Mask, this could change.."
  • Bonnie and Chica start moving at Night 2, Foxy at Night 3, and Freddy at Night 4. This means that Night 1 has no animatronics stuffing anyone. This is because Night 1 is basically an introduction, so then's not the time for animatronics roaming around.
  • There is one animatronic not mentioned in this article.