• Spaghettitiger

    A couple days ago, I was doing testing right

    And within 5 minutes of walking in I look up and see a kid a few desks away holding a knife

    Not like a kitchen knife, a little black switchblade

    So internally I'm obviously freaking out.

    I look over again a couple minutes later and see him stabbing his friend's water bottle and complaining about how long it took him to sharpen it.

    My thought process at this point is

    "Oh god what do I do should I tell the teacher what if he hears me and gets angry what do I do what do I do"

    Then the test starts and I'm just

    On edge

    Because I'm a cautious person just generally

    I look both ways before crossing the street

    I constantly monitor the heat when I'm cooking

    I yell at my brother for running with scissors (and then he …

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  • TrianiaK

    Nicole Black

    March 23, 2018 by TrianiaK
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  • Yeti4dayz

    Rogue Rose: Act 1 Part 1

    February 9, 2018 by Yeti4dayz


    You are a-- Wait, where are you?

    Don't be shy now. We're not going to hurt you, Rogues.

    ​​​​Ah! There you are. Now, as i was saying: You are a Rogue Rose Quartz Soldier, who is currently stuck on an old and somewhat disrepaired Pink Diamond's Zoo. The rest of your sisters are, sadly, still poofed and in their bubbles. You're not sure how your bubble was popped, or why the entity popped it to release you. All you know is that this place is falling apart and you need to escape. You better go back to hiding, there's a guard approaching your current position!


    Oh, hello there! Do you happen to be a part of the--

    Uuh... hello? Can you hear us?



    ... There appears to be an unexpected error in my, um... I'll be right back.

    [More panels co…

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  • Wander The Shipper

    "You only lost by half a million votes!" But the umbrella markers for both of them only added up to 100! Even if they stand for thousands, then she lost by 64 thousand votes, not half a million!


    The Akuma somehow got through the closed elevator doors above, caused a power outage in the elevator, AND then got into the elevator Aurore was in? I call bullshit.

    three dings

    Obligatory Hawk Moth villain sequence.


    The elevator somehow has the right timing to open RIGHT after Aurore becomes Stormy Weather.


    "Have a dog, maybe a cat... No, forget the cat." Irony.


    "Let's see if we can start with "passing by" and then get to that smoothie." Alya would be excellent at Cinema Sins.


    "Girl freaking out over any acknowledgement she gets from a…

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  • Wander The Shipper
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  • Spaghettitiger


    October 5, 2017 by Spaghettitiger




    so my teachers

    most of them are pretty cool!


    there are some (geography, art, biology)

    that i don't like.

    i'm going to talk about them today,  in order.


    first period of the day! it sets the mood for the rest of the day, and if you have a good time, that's great! But my biology teacher closely resembles a primate with a rough face and donkey-like teeth.

    wait, that's an insult to apes AND donkeys

    she's gone often, and when she is in class, she just gives us a worksheet and sits at her desk with no extra information.

    "just do the worksheet and get a grade."

    but i don't know what you're trying to teach here..

    sometimes we do labs, and those are pretty cool.


    Meet Mrs Noideawhatshesdoing. I'm not as good as yeti wth thes…

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  • TheFreddyFromThePizzaria

    Episode 1 (The Prolouge):

    Episode 2 (Bad NPC'S):

    Episode 3 (First Monster):

    Episode 4 (Grinding):

    Episode 5 (Bad Buisness):

    Episode 6 (Let's Actually Advance the Plot):

    Episode 7 (You Got a Plot Coupon):

    In case you don't know what Levels and Grinding is-Let me explain. Levels and Grinding is an RPG parody, taking place within an RPG world-All the classical RPG mechanics are canon here, and the story follows …

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  • Spaghettitiger


    September 27, 2017 by Spaghettitiger

    guess it's time to do another blog about school.



    the teachers are less nice, but my Algebra teacher's still cool.

    There have been several fights already, and people are still jerks who only care about themselves.

    There are some nice people though.

    i'm already being smothered by work and grades, but they're getting better.

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaand that's all i have

    ask me about the fights though


    there was one at lunch and it was crazy sauce


    because of the fight, the school's security has tripled.

    they're having the teachers stand in the hallways during passing so there aren't any more fights

    and i have yet to see what actually happened.

    UPDATE 2:

    The police are outside, and the second guy in the fight is going to the hospital becau…

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  • Spaghettitiger


    September 12, 2017 by Spaghettitiger

    I haven't done a blog in a while soooooo


    • pops confetti*

    alright, so first impressions.

    everyone's a dick, and i'm the only reasonably sane one.

    the hallways are overcrowded, and if you're not careful, you WILL drown.

    The teachers are nice~

    your classmates are pretentious bags of dicks who openly talk about sex during class (yes, this happened multiple times)

    There is a LOT of rap music blasting out of people's backpacks.

    The back stairways, side hallways, and bathrooms is where couples do stuff (because there's no cameras there)

    people don't mind if you're an introverted lil nerd. (i menioned that i wanted more friends in one of my classes and a bunch of people approached me afterwards and introduce…

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  • TheFreddyFromThePizzaria

    Undertale-The Story of Humans and Monsters is a fanfic I'm working on here, detailing the story of Undertale! It will be divided into several chapters, including a prolouge. This post wil be updated as the chapters are made. Each chapter will be divivded into several sections, which will be posted one at a time. This blog will be updated as the sections are posted. All sections that are currently released will have a link to them.

    Prolouge-This deals with the initial state of the humans and monsters, leading up to, and including the War of Humans and Monsters. Maybe someday I'll make a fanfic involving the war itself in more detail.

    Chapter I-Long Ago

    • 1.1:HOME-This details Asgore Dreemurr's initial response to being cast Underground, and the …
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  • TheFreddyFromThePizzaria

    That's right, the Anniversary teaser images prove that FNAF6 is not cancelled! Remember the "interrupt" teaser that was undoubtely teasing FNAF6? It was taken down for the anniversarry images, so Scott updated his site. After they were taken away, Scott brought back the "interrupt" teaser image, despite the fact that it was teasing FNAF6! Therefore, Scott is STILL planning on releasing FNAF6, otherwise, he wouldn't have brought back that teaser!

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  • Iggy Stoneman

    August First but you reposted in the wrong easy grab

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  • TheFreddyFromThePizzaria


    MatPat made yet another theory on FNAF. And whenever MatPat makes a FNAF theory, I make an analysis on it. So here's my analysis on MatPat's latest FNAF theory.

    "You still had a college robotics major going to the scene of a murder, and touching the victim, and no one, NO ONE, even batted an eye at the blatant crime scene tampering!"

    Clay was the only one watching, and he did yell alarmingly at Charlie because of what she was doing. It's not as absurd as you suggest, MatPat.

    "Then there's the fact that multiple Balloon Boys including BB, JJ, and whatever other ridiculous combinations of letters you can come up with are canon too"

    The horde of "Balloon Boys" is more than likely referring to Bidydab. Did you really forget about that, Mat…

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  • Iggy Stoneman

    July First

    July 1, 2017 by Iggy Stoneman

    July First

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  • Yeti4dayz

    >Be me, Ghast woman in the Nether
    >7/10 by Ghast Standards. Curvy build, no wrinkles, wears Nether Quartz-themed bikini due to how fucking hot it is down here, white hair tentacles constantly squirming unless relaxing or asleep, almost 20 blocks tall
    >About 5000 Years old, looks 25 in Human Years
    >Wakes up
    >Floats out of little netherrack cave to tend to Nether warts
    >Tends to Nether Warts
    >Goes out to take a relaxing Lava Bath
    >Goes to favorite spot
    >Lays down in the lava and relaxes
    >15 minutes later, am still laying in the molten oceans of the Nether
    >Goes to fall asleep
    >Something bumps into the top of my head
    >Opens eye to see what it is. It's a hoomin
    >Hoomin looks scared. Decked out in some sort of Obsidian Armor with tools n shit.
    >Sits up and …

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  • Iggy Stoneman

    Hey, person reading my blog on this particular wiki for some reason, it is May First!

    This is gonna be a big month for me. First off: it is May First. FEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE-

    Second: My birthday is this month, so that is cool.

    Third: Exams are this month... woohoo.

    Fourth: May the 4th is Star Wars day, so coolio for that. May the fourth be with you all.

    Fifth: May Day I guess. Does anyone celebrate that anymore?

    Sixth: May 2nd will mean that it has been exactly one year since Spark and I met. I have been looking back at our first moments together recently and have been getting some serious nostalgia. Love ya Sparkie!

    That is all, I think. Have a great month everyone!

    Oh... and it is RAGE DAY!!!!!!!!!!


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  • Yeti4dayz

    Mob Talker Role List

    April 25, 2017 by Yeti4dayz

    What if the Mobs and Villagers in Minecraft got a more... anime look?

    This is the basic premise of The Mob Talker Mod, a graphic novel-esque mod that lets you talk to mobs through an item called a Mob Talker.

    There are the basic mobs, ie Creepers, Endermen, Zombies, etc. though there are also Villagers though they aren't included in the mod as far as I know.

    I'm telling you about this mod because I have an idea, where Mobs, Villagers, and Minecrafters alike live and work together.

    This blog post is mostly going to list the different roles that each mob has in Minecraft Society. These will include:

    • The Mobs included in the Mod
    • Witches, Illagers, Endermites, Wither Skeletons, and other mobs not included in the mod, regardless of Dimension of Origin…
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  • Wander The Shipper

    So, these are the characters in my upcoming fanfiction of a youtube Danganronpa. WARNING, this does have child death in it, but they will behave like adults (im including keemstar this is kinda already nonsensical)

    Chase ??? - SYL Mastermind

    Alexis ??? - SYL Skylander Girl

    Micheal ??? - SYL Skylander Boy

    ??? 'Duddy' ??? - SYL Dad

    Mishovy Silenosti - SYL Singer

    Mark 'Markiplier' Fischbach - SYL Commentator

    Sean 'Jackscepticeye' McLoughlin - SYL Gamer

    Keemstar - SYL News Reporter

    Olda 'Metadon' Florian - SYL Guitarist

    Poppy - SYL Celebrity

    Nathan Sharp - SYL Songwriter

    Calvin 'Leafy' Vail - SYL 'Cyberbully'

    Jonathan 'Jontron' Jafari - SYL Comedian

    Thomas Sanders - SYL Actor

    Yousef 'Fouseytube' Erakat - SYL Social Experimenter

    Doug 'Nostalgia Critic' Walker …

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  • Iggy Stoneman

    Important news.

    April 1, 2017 by Iggy Stoneman


    Everyone who is reading this with a DA account, I want you to read this carefully, and follow the instructions word for word:

    DeviantArt's site metrics report a steady rise in pear art over the last 10 years that recently hit capacity, taking over their algarithms and resulting in an artistic barrage of their most popular subject to date: lots and lots of vaguely ominous grinning pears. 

    Due to this information, it is KEY for everyone who has a DA account to post a drawing of a slightly creepy grinning pear. 


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  • Yeti4dayz

    Skylander Log

    March 31, 2017 by Yeti4dayz

    Here's where i'll share all of my Skylanders and stuff

    Series, Name, Games, Faction, Type, Upgrade Status

    Spyro's Adventure, Giants, Swap Force, Trap Team, Supercharged, Imaginators

    Traptanium Weilders

    Recolor: (name of recolor)

    Upgrade Status:
    Newbie (no upgrades)
    Apprentice (Less than Half upgraded)
    Experienced (More than Halfway upgraded)
    Master (Fully Upgraded)
    Soul Powered (Has Soul Gem Upgrade)

    Series 1 Stealth Elf (Spyro's Adventure) (Skylander) (Normal) (Master)
    Series 3 Stealth Elf (Swap Force) (Skylander) (Normal) (Newbie)
    Series 1 Spyro (Spyro's Adventure) (Skylander) (Normal) (Master)
    Series 3 Spyro (Swap Force) (Skylander) (Normal) (Experienced)

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  • Iggy Stoneman


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  • Spaghettitiger


    February 24, 2017 by Spaghettitiger

    i'm starting a comic series called Aquarius!

    Whoever says what it's about (or gets the closest) will get their OC featured as a recurring character!

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  • InyaPistachio


    February 23, 2017 by InyaPistachio

    Hello guys, great to be here, my names Inya!

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  • Yeti4dayz

    Kisekae Character Codes

    December 14, 2016 by Yeti4dayz

    Apparently, there's multiple versions of Kisekae so here's the link to the version that I use



    [codes are yet to be added]

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  • Ewanme99

    "input 6849

    November 26, 2016 by Ewanme99

    Loading ...





    Obvius concessit.


    Tu viewing Bio 6849 Specimen codenamed "mulier clamantes"

    clamorem mulieris ancillae Humanoid apparet circiter triginta quinque annorum, reperta in silvis of Paris 1987. habet multo major pluma proluvies, uncaeque manus, ut solet-

    User alienum deprehenditur, obfirmatis document, placere cum de ratio administrator.

    This file has been changed to another language to avoid intruders. Please input the passcode to proceed with the file in English.

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  • Yeti4dayz
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  • Spaghettitiger

    HAHAHAHA. no.

    September 20, 2016 by Spaghettitiger

    I'm so boooooooored!

    I need something to do.

    like a hobby or somethin.


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  • Iggy Stoneman

    The earth was my mother, and this tomb was her womb. I spent most of my days here, deep underground, although just like a human infant in the womb, not much was remembered. Many, many millennia passed before I was found. A miner from a small village discovered me, and took me from my underground womb. I was taken to the village and was at first locked away, for they feared me. I, of course, meant them no harm. Eventually I gained their trust and was used as a laborer. I worked hard for the village, and the villagers became pleased with my work. Eventually, the one who found me adopted me as his son. Many years passed. People died, and new people came to take their place. I, however, never perished, for I did not age. As time went on, I def…

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  • TheFreddyFromThePizzaria

    Another wave of calling pizzerias to contact me and my company has struck. I know you're fans of us, but you guys need to remember that as proven by FNAF1, Freddy Fazbear's Pizza shut down way back in 1993. It is impossible to contact the real Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, so do NOT try to call them. They're bankrupt, you'll just end up calling other buisness who will have no idea what you're talking about, and disrupt them from real orders. Also, both of thier owners are dead, so they can't be contacted either. If any buisness calls you on phone, it is NOT Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. If you're given the phone number for "Freddy Fazbear's Pizza", or think you found the pizzeria's phone number, DO NOT call it, to try and contact us, it will not work.…

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  • Spaghettitiger

    It's a work in progress...

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  • Le Kappa Pasterino


    May 23, 2016 by Le Kappa Pasterino


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  • DB511611

    O hey

    March 7, 2016 by DB511611

    I'm back I guess

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  • Spaghettitiger

    Aaaand... ACTION!

    February 12, 2016 by Spaghettitiger

    As some of you may know, Spaghettitiger was created on February 14, 2015 on the Five Nights at Freddy's wiki. The first person I encountered was Raptordude117. We roleplayed for a few days before I met ~Spookyness~, Tasty Baconstrip, Shadow the Dragon, Psychohotdog, and Ethanpotato. I continued to join more roleplays, and I met Djezkabzab, Forcer96, Ewaanme99, and TreerexisAwesome99. I am still in touch with most of these awesome people, and they are still amazing. I decided to create the Spaghettitiger wiki on June 30, 2015. I was astonished how it boomed. In November and December, I created the Spaghettitiger channel and became a Deviant. My first deviation immediately caught the attention of AsAFuzzyCat.

    Ever since that first post, that …

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  • Ethanpotato


    January 31, 2016 by Ethanpotato


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  • ElloPuppetMK

    You know.

    January 29, 2016 by ElloPuppetMK

    Ever since I made my wiki account. I felt like an outsider. But I've met so many people who have turned out to be some of my best friends. Even though I've been through hell and back. You guys always stuck with me through thick and thin. I want to thank all of you for being here for me. And I will be leaving wiki in august. And I will be back.... Sometime. Anyway, thanks everyone for making my life more bearable I guess you could say. And once more, thank you all for making me feel welcomed and I hope to see you all after August.

    ~~Delta a.k.a Puppet Turtle. 🐢

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  • TheFreddyFromThePizzaria

    Something went wrong.. The Missing Children .. Then came the bite that broke him.. (Of 87) He fled away from the animatronics.

    "You know what will happen if he catches you!"-Fredbear Plush, FNAF4

    He soon reached a place of refugee.. And Fredbear Plushie said to him, that he will put the kid back together.

    We then cut "many years", to when the animatronics had a village of thier own. This is long after the final attraction closed down, as 8 of the animatronics had spread and established thier own village within their own Matrix called Animatronica, at several hills, which they called Fazbear Hills. They also used an Auto Chipper as a machine, but they started acting haywire (probably due to being possesed by an evil spirit, or an enemy company…

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  • TheFreddyFromThePizzaria

    Click here, for Scott hinting the game is coming out this weekend. THIS WEEKEND! When the game comes out, I will be going through the game and theorizing, and as its an RPG, don't expect my theory to be out that quick. Might not be that active either, as Ill be theorizing.

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  • TheFreddyFromThePizzaria

    This is just like CinemaSins, so NO guys, I didn't make this up. (It's not like me to steal credit, check out CinemaSins)

    How can Frisk, or anyone for that matter, survive a several-mile fall?! (It's a MOUNTAIN!) Frisk must be nothing but a SOUL now! *ding*

    Speaking of which, how did Frisk fall in there in the first place? Shouldn't mountains HAVE no holes to fall in? Is it a volcano? If it's a volcano, where is the magma? *ding*

    How does Flowey talk? Flowey already had the will to live before he got the injection of determination, as PLANTS ARE LIVING THINGS. *ding*

    Why would ANYONE call a year "201X"? (The calendar in Toriel's house actually SAYS 201X) *ding*

    How do the flags in BALL even work? There's no logical way flr the hole to be able t…

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  • TheFreddyFromThePizzaria

    Go back and check FNAF4's posts. Scott just revealed the game is coming out Febuary 19th! Then I'll start theorizing that game, and adding it to my timeline, where it belongs. But yes, we FINALLY know when it's coming out, and it's only a little more than a month!!

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  • TheFreddyFromThePizzaria

    The lore of Undertale has many secrets within.. And I think I found two of them.

    The game begins with a human character (actually Chara) falling into Mt. Ebott, in the year 201X. We then skip who knows how long after, when Frisk, the player character also falls into the mountain.. But you see, the first clue is waking up in said mountain. Apparently, he was resting in the flowers for a while. How long? We do not know. But we do know that Frisk had just fell down SEVERAL miles (this is a mountain, after all.) But wait, how is someone supposed to SURVIVE such a fall? "Freddy, this is a fantasy game!" Yeah yeah, maybe it won't actually happen, who knows. Probably won't, we have no evidence of anyone SAVING. But that's not my only piece of evid…

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  • TheFreddyFromThePizzaria

    Well, I made it to 1K.. I didn't even have a poll asking what should happen for 1K, but hey, I wasn't expecting this.

    Anyways, we STILL don't have more info on FNAF World.. I was expecting Scott to announce SOMETHING by now.

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  • Le Kappa Pasterino

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  • ~Spookyness~


    January 9, 2016 by ~Spookyness~

    I am aware that I didn't act too kind on chat a while back. I deeply regret behaving this way, and I sincerely apologize for that. I was in a very bad place that day, and I completely understand if everybody on this wiki hates me. I am sorry to say that I will no longer be contributing to this wiki. I hope this wiki flourishes without me. Goodbye.

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  • TheFreddyFromThePizzaria

    Well, I wasn't expecting to use these OC's, but here I go..

    About 2-3 years before the events of UnderSchool begin,BonBon had three other friends to play with.

    The first was Fazbear, which was an Anthro bear, who wanted to sing and have fun with the other monsters.

    The second was Chika (Come on. If someone wants to play as monster withereds they can use the original name, there's a reason I didn't name my OC Bonnie!). She of course enjoyed cupcakes and parties! If only Toriel were that way.. Meh, whatever.

    The third? Well, that is harder to explain. He was named Mange, after the fruit. (Pre-Mangle, how can an ANIMAL be mangled up? This is no animatronic. Check the FNAF World group photo if you dont know what he looks like. And like the others,…

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  • ElloPuppetMK

    Do cows moo?

    January 7, 2016 by ElloPuppetMK

    Yes what am I? A madman?

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  • Yeti4dayz

    Under-School Class List

    January 6, 2016 by Yeti4dayz


    8:45AM-9:00 Phonics with Asgore and Undyne ( Just DO IT )

    9:00-9:30 Art with Papyrus ( Oh boy this is going to be good )

    9:30-10:00 Science with W.D. Gaster and Alphys ( Smart minds think alike )

    10:00-10:30 Music/dancing with Napstablook and Mettaton( spooooooopyyyyyyyy )

    10:30-11:00 Cooking with Muffet ( Spoodur waifu maks Spoodur dewnatz :3 )

    11:00-11:30 Naptime with Toriel ( Su fluffeh :3 )

    11:30-12:00 Punny joke time with Sans and Papyrus ( Sans wanted it. Papyrus... not so much )


    12:00-1:00 Recess with everyone ( WOOP WOOOOP!!!! )

    1:00-1:30 Magic Control with Sans and Undyne ( PUNS AND ANGER YAAAAA- )

    1:30-2:00 History with Asgore ( The guy with the History is Perfect for this )

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  • Marionette19


    January 5, 2016 by Marionette19

    i am playing with a slinky :D poop

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  • TheFreddyFromThePizzaria

    So, MatPat.. You sided with the dream theory too, didn't you? You thought you could prove it to be true. But here, I will debunk that theory, and prove that your clue DOESN'T solve FNAF at all! I'll show that all it DOES prove is that Toy Chica losing her beak is NOT a glitch, and the toy was based off of that!

    So, let us begin. The first 2 minutes are just the claim, no evidence, let's jump to where MatPat makes his first point.

    "The Toy Chica in FNAF4 losing her beak parralells Toy Chica from FNAF2, who loses HER beak when she leaves the stage."

    The bite of 87 happened when the Toy location was open. Perhaps this Toy Chica was actually based off of the normal Toy Chica from FNAF2. There's a reason her bib says "Let's Party", she probably vi…

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  • Le Kappa Pasterino


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  • ~Spookyness~


    December 26, 2015 by ~Spookyness~






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