As some of you know, there's a school that pops up occasionally in the chat. So i've decided to put down the schedule here. Feel free to edit (add details about the class, anything you want to change, claim any classes, etc.)

(wake up)

1 - ELA with InyaPistachio

2 - Math with Ethanpotato

3 - Science with Stoneman

4 - Boot Camp with a Personality Core (Forcer96) 


5 - Mythology with Xbalanque (Wander The Shipper)

6 - Bad@$$ History with Arthas Menethill

7 - Art with Spaghettitiger

8 - Slime and Snail Education with Ewanme99

(another lunch?...oh god it doesn't end)

9 - Self Defense Class/Gymnastics with Yeti (warning: teacher is not responsible for any injury involved, even if he caused it himself, see back of schedule for more details)

10 - Military Technology with Psychohotdog (please refrain from pushing the big red button that is located on the teacher's desk.)

11 - Athletics with Pikky001

12 - Space Training with Cute Tiga


13 - Music Class with

14 - Gaming Class with Spaggie (please refrain from breaking computers)

15 - Metalworking with Yeti and/or Bismuth

16 -  Language class with


17 - Voodoo in the Hoodoo with


18 - Dream Class with ThatPersonDownYourStreet

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