Were you looking for the Phone Guy of Five Nights at Freddy's? Well, there isn't a page for him, so go check FNAF Wiki.

Phone Guy is mainly the tutorial character of the game, as long as you don't end up with the Mafia. He does not have any ome of the 33 roles of the game, and doesn't count as a character. You cannot play as the Phone Guy, he is just another game mechanic. In fact, you cannot directly interact with him at all, you can only listen to his phone calls that he gives each day. The phone calls serve as a tutorial on how to play the game.

If you DO end up with the Mafia, then Purple Dude will be the one to call you.


  • If you happen to get a Consigliere role, go back to your intro call, and check Phone Guy's role, the result is that he is a Tutorial. If you look at the description of this role, it will read: "Guides the players each day, about how the world works." This is to prevent a paradox/game crash if someone actually does this.
  • His in-game team, however, is Town, as expected.
  • The next fact is a spoiler, so be warned.

  • Yes, Phone Guy DOES die by an animatronic here. But it is at a different night.

(Five Nights at Solem is currently a concept for a roleplaying game. It doesn't exist yet, and I'm not a programmer, so it will likely remain a roleplaying game, and not a PC game or anyting like that. Though you CAN play the game in chat if you want, like we do with Town of Salem, so.. yeah. Unless a programmer just so happens to see this page and make a game out of this, don't expect this to be a PC game.)

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