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I need healing


some idea I got just now of an apocalyptic rp where a powerful creature of supernatural origins kills most of humanity besides those 18 or younger, and the creature has subverted a large portion of the kids into followers who sacrifice those who get to be older than 18.


A pirate rp (Ethan) (I SECOND THIS! -Arthas)

-PrixyBandicoot (No colour cuz I'm boring)

A Fluffy roleplay (ETHAN'S IDEA:3)


A crossover between Undertale and Pokemon


A Star Wars RP, with lightsabers, stormtroopers, and one person controlling all of the stormtroopers.

A underwater-based RP, where the characters have to make sure they've got enough air in their lungs before they go scavenge the world, where all the outside air was replaced with water, leaving only buildings, and other locked places with air.

(Yes, I am back)

(I SECOND THIS! -Arthas)


A How To Train Your Dragon type RP. Adding shape-shifting, werewolves, and magic.

An Escapists RP

A superhero-themed battle royale of an RP.

An RP centered around a normal neighborhood with a serial killer living in it.

An RP set in a Futurama-style world.


A roleplay with multiple different elements from different media, mashing them all together.

A roleplay that is like HTTYD except more than just dragons.


a prison escape kind style RP, which is futuristic and Sci-Fi.


An RP where we travel to different Dimensions, Alternate Universes, and Branching Timelines. Think Doctor Who meets Project Almanac.

(I SECOND THIS! -Arthas)


A Pokémon Mystery Dungeon RP


A Rp that contains Gravity Falls, Earthbound and Undertale characters.


A post-plague Plague Inc. RP

A Seven Years' War-era RP

An RP where you play as the forces of nature upon an unsuspecting village/town/city.


A Horror RP that will leave tension on everyone every....skull splitting....scene

A Pokemon RP that is suprisingly serious at times

A Monster Girl RP not centered around sex and that kind of stuff

A Apocalypse Roleplay that can be pretty wild in level of Sci-Fi.


An action RP where a nation of robots and a nation of mutants are at war on an alien planet

A wild west RP with quick draws, gunslingers, cowboys, and Clint Eastwood


Fantasy/mythological races just living a completely ordinary life, (slightly) hidden from view.

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