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Welcome to the Spaghettitiger Wikia! We have many things to do here, such as roleplaying, sharing art and stories, or talking to others in the Live Chat!

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Arthas Arthasing. Can I add on loving on my Spaggy? Can I say that? Fuck it I'm saying it.

Spag doing TA's and being a lovebird.

Forcer being AFK

Ewan being a lovebird.

Ryan popping out of nowhere.

Ethan being mostly non-existent yet still old and high.

Hero talking about FNAF, Pokemon, Monster Girls, and very spicy memes.

Wander declaring Mondo as the best boi (because he is) and smiting everyone that makes butter puns.

Spooky finding new and interesting ways to absolutely murder people,

Ello Pack-A-Punching Everyone and Everything.

MusicWeirdo0 listening to music.

Redpandah stuffing dark chocolate balls in his mouth. "I want to at all of the dark chocolate balls" -Redpandah

Inyai Pistachio eating pistachios and being a fur fag

Artemis Ban evading to comment on dog pics. No. CAT PICS. I only come out of stalking for KITTY

Triania getting hacked

And Yeti exploding. (DRAGON CAT GOES BOOM, explodes

Niki being a lazy sloth boy

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