• The Inquisition...

    A mysterious organization, their motives seem unclear,  and even inconsistent at times. However, one fact remains true no matter how little the general populus knows of the organization. Everybody fears the inquisition, everybody. With good reason too, for they have authority above every other branch of the imperium, and strenght to rival the most influential of figures. This force acts as the emperor's personal judge, jury, and brutal executioner. However, there are times when the Inquisition becomes the populus' only hope. The ray of light beaming in through the darkness.

    Perhaps this fear is born from the uncertainty of the Inquisition's course of action. Will these warriors in black strive to protect your world against the horrid forces that wish to consume it? Or do they aim to rid it of all life and worth, lest it falls into the hands of said vile foe.

    A lonely astartes, estranged from his chapter, and a lost little girl, her village torn to shreds by a force so vile, it defiles and corrupts everything it touches. They are more alike than it may seem, for the astartes sees something in this young child. A chance to start anew. A chance to pass his knowledge down to a new generation. A chance to leave behind a legacy.

    A chance to find redemption.

    (Attention: This is a private RP betwen Spaghettitiger and Psychohotdog.)

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      "What do they look like?" Rikki asks, looking up at Gabriel.

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    • "They come in different shapes and sizes, all abhorrent and vile." Gabriel, in turn, looked down at RIkki.

      "Xenos are a vile abomination, Rikki. Any sentient life that is not human in nature must be purged. It is the emperor's wish."

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    • "Well.. why is there one on board, then?" Rikki frowns a little. "If they're so bad, why is it staying here?"

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    • (You don’t check Skype often)

      “The inquisitor is... peculiar.” Gabriel pauses for a moment after he says that. He shakes his head and simply decides to continue explaining.

      “He believes in furthering the emperor’s goals with the assistance of those vile creatures. Fighting fire with fire, if you will.”

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    • (been a little busy lately, sorry.)

      Rikki looks ahead, frowning.

      "Um.. How much further?"

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    • "It is a large vessel. You need to learn patience, Rikki." Gabriel laughed. He turned a corner, and took a few steps forwards, before stopping, turning to his left, and placing his palm on a small screen. A low humming noise resounded across the hall as Gabriel's hand was scanned.

      The doors then promptly opened, and Gabriel stepped into the room, Rikki in tow. The planning room was distinctly different from the rest of the vessel. Where the hallways were ornate and extravagant, this room had a bit of a military undertone to it. The fancy carpets were gone, replaced by simple ferrocrete. The walls were lined with scanners, and the central desk had a holographic image of Tartara displayed above it.

      Seated on said central desk were the Inquisitor himself, along with Archaeus.

      "What is the meaning of this?" Archaeus demanded, standing up.

      "The girl wishes to gain valuable experience." Gabriel sharply retorted.

      "By interfering with a high-priority meeting? Have you no sense of-"

      "Gentlemen, please." The inquisitor gently raised his hand, and silenced the two. He looked to Rikki.

      "Would you like to watch, young child?"

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    • Rikki glances at Archaeus, before looking at the inquisitor and nodding firmly. Her free hand shakes a little, but she quickly clenches it shut.

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    • "Have a seat." The inquisitor pulls a chair back, it seems to be hovering in the air, an anti-gravity seat of sorts. Way too much technology stuffed into something so ubiquitous.

      "I'm assuming you wish to join the meeting too, knight." Archaeus leaned back and crossed his arms.

      "Your assumption is correct." The knight stepped forwards, pulled a grav-chair back, and took a seat on the table.

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    • Rikki climbs into the seat with some difficulty, being slightly too short to reach the seat and having only one working leg. She does manage to get up.. eventually.

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    • The inquisitor took in a long, deep breath, befor exhaling. 

      "So, the blockade."

      the hologram of Tartara shrinks, and a colossal fleet of warships appear around it, a huge fleet, clearly visible. 

      "Does your ship sport a warp drive?" Archaeus asked. 

      "Only the best, but I'm afraid we can't execute a warp jump in such close proximity to a chaeos fleet."

      "Hm..." Archaeus stroked his beard. 

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    • Rikki looks up at the projection, wide-eyed. She tries to focus and not let her eyes wander. Not let her eyes wander. Not let her eye

      oh that's a neat looking thing over there

      Rikki is looking in a completely new direction within seconds.

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    • The knight taps Rikki's chair lightly with the tip of his boot, intending to get her focused on the plan ahead. 

      "And what of reinforcements?" Archaeus asked, he swiped his fingers along a small pad on the table, causing the projection to spin, revealing an SOS display. 

      "A signal has already been sent. The safety of this planet is not a priority. We will evacuate the populus as soon as our strategic assets have been secured." Inquisitor Adrian placed his hands behind his back, and straightened his posture.

      "What? This is an agri-world, you cannot possibly allow the invasion to proceed?" Archaeus turned and glared at the Inquisitor, he placed his hands down firmly onto the surface of the table as he heard the grave news. 

      "This world's strategic assets take priority over all else."

      "How are you going to begin evacuation with a blockade like this? Every transport ship will be shot down before they reach outer orbit!" Gabriel exclaimed, "We need to create a hole in their defense. We need to coordinate with the Planetary defense force."

      "Out of the question, knight." The inquisitor sharply retorted, "The defense force is compromised, and likely in shambles. It is exceptionally likely that they allowed this invasion to occur in the first place."

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    • “We had every warning. They tried to help us.” Rikki says. Her voice starts bold, but quickly degenerates to a shaky squeak. “They tried to protect us and died. Everyone died.”

      Rikki looks down at her hands, rubbing her fingers together nervously.

      “The defense force is, um.. “in shambles,” but... they didn’t allow it to happen. They were demolished in combat, trying to protect us.”

      Rikki sinks down into her seat.

      “a-at least, that’s what I think.”

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    • “They fought well, Adrian.” Archaeus said, enforcing Rikki’s point, and looking down at the inquisitor.

      “You know all about fighting well, don’t you, Captain?” Inquisitor Adrian brought his arms forwards and adjusted his coat.

      “Enough to know the difference between a friend and a foe.” Archaeus reaches towards the hologram and pointed at the several Chaos warships on display. “We need all the help we can get if we want to push through the blockade.”

      The inquisitor sighed, and brushed his hair back with his hand.

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    • Rikki looks at each person in turn during the conversation, frowning slightly. She feels like she should speak up again, but chooses to stay quiet instead.

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    • "We do not have the resources to combat a chaos fleet. We leave the planet first, then we send a direct call for reinforcements." Inquisitor Adrian leaned on the table.

      "What about helping the locals? Do not expect me stand idly by while-"

      "I do not expect you to do anything. You can leave this ship now, and die out there. We leave the planet first, and send for reinforcements later."

      "These people need our help, Inquisitor."

      "We are not in a position to offer help, Captain."

      At this point, the two were standing right in front of each other, with Archaeus glaring down at Adrian. The inquisitor maintained his composure, staring right back at Archaeus, not displaying nearly as much emotion as the giant in the room. 

      Gabriel remained seated, looking back and forth between the Inwuisitor, and the giant.

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    • Rikki opens her mouth to speak, then closes it. She's not sure who to agree with. She didn't want to face the giants again, but at the same time... this is her home.

      Rikki starts a bit. No, this was her home. The destruction of her village marked that change from "is" to "was".

      She pulls her thoughts back into order before they can run too far.

      "We can't help if we're not ready." Rikki says, staring at Archaeus. If he couldn't see her, he could definitely feel her eyes boring into the side of his head.

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    • "Rikki-"

      "The girl has spoken, friend." The inquisitor sat back on his chair, a smirk clearly apparent on his face now. "You are free to head back in there, alone."

      Archaeus relaxed himself, he shot Rikki a short glance, before turning around and heading towards the exit, "Very well." He said, before swiping his hand over the palm reader. The giant snarled as it beeped red, denying him entry, or rather, his exit. 

      "My apologies, captain," Gabriel stood up. "we have yet to install your biometric data into-"

      "Open the damn door." The giant suddenly spat. Gabriel went silent, and swiped his own palm over the reader, causing the door to slide open.

      Archaeus ducked his head as he stepped out of the room, his loud footsteps echoed throughout the hall. Gabriel swiped his hand over the reader once more, and shut the door, before exhaling.

      "Impressive, Rikki, you show a great deal of restraint ant control, especially in comparison to Captain Archaeus." The inquisitor tapped his grav-chair's armrest, causing the hologram in the middle of the table to switch off. 

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    • Rikki is biting her lip and looking down. She gives a slight, embarrassed nod, her brown curls bobbing messily around her face. She rubs her thumbs together silently, pausing every so often as if to inspect her hands, despite nothing being there. The cut on her forehead ached a little, and she brought a hand up to push her hair away from it in an attempt to soothe the pain.

      "what's going to happen now..?"

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    • “Now? Now we leave this planet, and send a distress call.” Inquisitor Adrian said, “the only issue is, the blockade. I don’t want to risk getting into a confrontation with any chaos warships, let alone a small fleet.”

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    • "How are we gonna get out, then ?" Rikki frowns, looking up.

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